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Why does require registration?

Many folks are rightly concerned about privacy and distributing their personal email addresses to websites for fear of identity theft, a deluge of SPAM, and simple privacy concerns. In fact, we should all be concerned about these issues.

Registration is how a community such as this maintains control over who can post and interact with its members. The point of this is to protect the membership from unwanted SPAMMERS and other nuisances.

How does Registration here protect its members from the issues mentioned above?

Software robots designed to obtain emails throughout the Internet cannot access our member email addresses because of our registration system. Only registered members can view another member's profile. And, our members have a choice as to whether they want their email address displayed in their profile.

Robots cannot create "fake" registrations because of our confirmation system. Consequently, SPAM robots are kept out of this forum.

As is previously mentioned, you have the choice as to whether to display your email to other members or not. Only minimal information is necessary to register (e.g., a username and a real email address). This email address is only used to confirm that the new user is a real person. It is hidden unless you change it in your profile section.

Avoid using free email accounts as we are finding that people signing up with these are not receiving our registration email!!! We are unable to provide support for individuals signing up with free email accounts!

Trolling is another nuisance that registration eliminates. A troll is someone who tries to incite trouble by being rude, aggressive and generally unruly. As said troll would have had to register to post, one of the forum moderators would immediately ban the troll from further posting and eliminate any posts causing trouble. This preserves the congenial atmosphere here at Dodge Caliber Forums.

Lastly, we will never sell or share any information that you may wish to share with the community to anyone. We do not gather information for marketing purposes.

We are a group of people from around the world that have the same safety concerns as you do. And that is why we have chosen to use the Registration system to protect ourselves.

I trust the above helps to answer any questions or doubts you may have about our registration system. We at Dodge Caliber Forums hope that you will consider joining our growing community by Registering. If you have any further questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to contact me here!

I truly look forward to discussing these wonderfull new vehicles with you within the community that is Dodge Caliber Forums

Thank you!
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