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Anyone still counting?

Daimler paid $37 billion for Chrysler in 1998 - all lost.
Cerberus paid $7.4 billion for an 80% stake in May 2007 - all lost.
The top 50 unsecured creditors’ claims total $730 million,
with total trade at about $1.5 billion.
The senior lenders’ claims total $6.9 billion.
Chrysler owes the people, $9 billion for bridge loans to nowhere (secured by a third priority lien).
Chrysler owes Cerberus and Damiler AG $2 billion (secured by a second priority lien). Chrysler owes the United Auto Workers VEBA health care fund approximately $8.5 billion.
Chrysler has $52.6 billion in real liabilities, broken into the following categories:
Trade and Related Payables ($5.7B),
Accrued Expenses and Other Liabilities ($33B)
and Financial Liabilities ($13.9B).

The FIAT sale gave $2 billion to the senior lenders, a $4.6 billion note to the VEBA trust, and about $1.5 billion in trade payables and $4 billion in pension obligations.

Money Heaven = losses of about $40 billion in claim value and an additional $43.4 billion in equity.

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No Real Cash Involved !! Its all down to the Bean counters & Paper shufflers...
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