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2007 Dodge Caliber R/T AWD
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Just a curious thought that popped in my head.
Since the Calibers are out of production for over a decade, I thought maybe some owners may have some issues on their cars that they are not repairing for various reasons. I just became curious what those reasons are. Maybe someone can come up with a solution or find some common problems.
And since I came up with the idea, I might as well start it off with my own.

  • Different front suspension spring: found out years after ownership that R/H front suspension spring is a softer spring used for SE and SXT, not for R/T. Hasn't given me an issue yet so I'm just using it as is.
  • Weak power window regulator: opens and closes the window slower than the others but it still works so I'm just letting it be.
  • Various exterior and interior cosmetics damage: mostly wear and tear from normal use, and a lot of broken tabs from repeated removal but they are holding their places.
  • Engine stalling after refuel: this probably is the biggest one I have. I searched throughly to realize that it is a common issue and is very expensive to repair compared to a simple remedy which is to not top the gas tank up. Even if I forget and fill it to the brim, I can always apply throttle when the engine is about to stall.

As you can see, mine is mostly due to cost compared to the gains. So, what do you guys have? Is your Caliber in mint condition or does it have some defects that you look away?

Edit) Few more things I forgot to add to the list:

  • Premature nozzle clicking during refuel: Doesn't happen all the time but when it does, it's really frustrating. the only way to refuel when the symptom occurs is to squeeze the trigger slowly until I find the sweetspot to not trigger auto-shutoff.
  • O2 sensor triggering P0139 code: I've replaced both O2 sensors and exhaust manifold (a.k.a. maniverter). The old manifold had cracks that caused obvious exhaust leak so that had to be replaced, but the code still pops up every now and then.
  • Rear hatch struts: No, I do not hold the hatch with my head or my hands while accessing cargo area. But the hatch won't raise on its own and hold whatever the angle the hatch is raised to.

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If I notice little things and they bother me then I generally cannot leave it be if I have time.

The fuel filler is by design you can no longer brim but must stop at the first click.

The window may be resistance or lack of power. I would clean lubricate and check all wiring. If it's a worn motor then depending on your source of (s)crap parts and price I might swap over.
Cosmetics if visible and the scrap is better then usually a no brainer swap.

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I had my passenger strut replaced a while back and noticed it's more squishy than the OEM driver side. Buying cheap junk replacements from AutoZone, I wonder if they sold me the wrong one. I'm tired of bottoming out on that side, but am waiting to replace multiple suspension parts all at the same time.

My passenger front window struggles to go up. Last week I sprayed the channels with silicone grease and it's helped a lot - but I did notice the glass tilts going up and down, so I suspect there's something broken inside the door. I'm too lazy to take it all apart at the moment.

When I first bought the car (used), there were a lot of scrapes and scratches on the plastic. Everywhere - I think previous owner had a dog and kids. I used a torch to flame over the plastic and it removes most of the issues. A heat gun would probably be safer, but didn't have one then.

I didn't have the car for 24 hour when my stupid neighbour's kid scratched the side with his handlebars, down to the metal. I just sprayed the scratch with clear coat paint. Next day I realized it was matte clear, not gloss - but I liked the look and ended up spraying the entire car with matte clear.

Engine stalling after refuel! I thought I was the only one. I have it happen only at one gas station. No problem at any others. I always stop at first click.

I do have an issue when fueling, it shuts the handle off thinking it's full. It's a fuel tank vent issue that I usually just bang on the tank a few times to fix it (I've a rubber mallet in the back seat). A longer term fix was to spray a lot of WD-40 into the tiny air hole in the fuel filler neck. This is a known problem which dealers want to charge US$1000 for a tank replacement. Not going to happen, lol.

Other issues I've had are mainly plastic parts/clips breaking. I fix them using 24-hour epoxy (longer set times are stronger). But having to remove things, epoxy them, clamp them, clean them up, then reinstall is a huge pain.

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I've never been able to totally fill the gas tank and not have starting issues...have gotten really good at judging just how much to put in the tank so it's 7/8ths full. Rust has really taken hold of my Cali...replaced the driver's side rocker and did some other rust repairs a few years ago and have been undercoating it for some years now but it'll succumb to it eventually.

Other than that, no glaring faults that I need to "live" with. She runs fine but it'll be a tough decision when the subframes finally start failing and need may not be worth the cost.

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okay my caliber that i just look away to avoid hurting my pocket.
1. street in repair so both control arm are gone inner and outer tie rod are shot. brand new about 3 month for these parts.
2. my rear strut i purchase about 5 months ago are gone.
the store does not do warranty or return.
3. my rear lateral arm needs replacing
4. its a noisy SOB. any bumps it creaks too damn loud.
5. radio bezel or center bezel deteriorated need a new one. fans do not come on unless i turn ac on so it overheat oil pressure sensor is spitting out oil and i need to put 1 quart every week in the engine.
8.its a POS and I want to burn it down but i can not since i invested allot into in so i have 1 year and 4 months to keep this car alive and all parts are $100 or more not less.
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