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VW scandal and cheating

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Anybody knows if the VW engine in the Caliber is affected by this?
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I would think you will have to email FCA/Chrysler corporate hq in US
for info.
For the past six years, Volkswagen has been cheating on the emissions testing for its diesel cars.

So 2009-2015, Caliber was 06-10.

The last years used Daimler engines.

Sounds like this was for the later ClassIV emissions standards. VW developed an actual CRD diesel engine.
They had always used their own PD design before.

No mention of Chrysler in any of the lawyers compensation actions.
Caliber was Class IV I think so still unlikley ..

Latest CNN

Volkswagen (VLKAY) had previously said as many as 11 million vehicles fitted with EA189 diesel engines could be affected. Now it's investigating older versions of another engine, the EA288.

The company said Thursday that two versions of the EA288 -- Euro 5 and Euro 6 -- were given a clean bill of health, but it did not say whether all versions of the engine had been cleared.

"Consequently, new vehicles of the Volkswagen Group offered within the European Union with those engines comply with legal requirements and environmental standards," the company said.

The statement made no mention of EA288 engines built to an earlier European standard - Euro 4 -- but if any do contain the offending software, the number is likely to be relatively small.
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