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There was a lady on here who with help from her father I believe replaced all the bearings in her t355 trans. You might search for those threads. I believe the 1.8L is the only engine that used the small 5 speed gear box. Pretty sure the 2.4 used a 6 speed. (R/T and SRT 4)

You could possibly find a wrecked 2.4 with a 5 speed and swap the whole 6 speed and linkages in if you had a donor car for under $1000.

That is if the bellhousings and clutch plates match on the crank and engine.


I've got the 1.8L and the 5 speed too. Way better than the CVT that's for sure. But never trust Dodge when they say lubed for life.

My 5 speed is getting new trans oil before winter, I'm at 225K km a far cry from 200K miles.
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