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UPDATE: Well, the Dodge dealership called me and said that the problem is/was definitely a transmission problem. Said they were driving it down the road when the transmission "locked up". Wheels turn fine but nothing out of the transmission. So, I guess the good news is that it appears for the time being that we've finally found where/what the problem is. Maybe a bearing in there was worn and going and then finally went?? I've sunk so much work and new parts in this car in the last month that I'm afraid to part ways with it now. So......I'm going to have a used transmission installed along with a new clutch. I'm hoping that I can then milk another 100k miles out of the car. Found out through the dealership and through my own searching, that the manual transmission for this car is hard to come by. They're rare. I suppose that figures.
Same identical problems I've been trying to resolve over the last two months. I stopped off at a mechanic I always used years back. He said straight forward, it's a transmission issue. I should get several quotes and opinions from reliable transmission shops, before having additional work done. I have rebuilt the underside of my 2012 caliber with 5 speed manual transmission.
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