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TSB 21-010-11 : Driveability and Transmission Performance Improvements

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This TSB improves CVT2 performance.

NUMBER: 21-010-11
GROUP: Transmission and Transfer Case
DATE: October 26, 2011
Flash: Driveability and Transmission Performance Improvements
This bulletin involves selectively erasing and reprogramming the Powertrain Control
Module (PCM) and Transmission Control Module (TCM) with new software.
NOTE: Both the PCM and TCM must be reprogrammed for these changes to be
2011 (MK) Compass/Patriot
2011 (PM) Caliber
NOTE: This bulletin applies to vehicles equipped with a 2.0L or 2.4L (sales code ECN
or ED3) equipped with an automatic transmission (sales code DAV).
The customer may experience any of the following:
I. Overall improved acceleration and responsiveness to throttle input.
II. Improved highway speed throttle pedal responsiveness and passing acceleration.
III. Reduce engine RPM’s while accelerating at highway speeds.
IV. Deceleration bump felt between speeds of 20 - 25 MPH (32 - 40 KPH).
V. Less throttle pedal effort necessary to maintain a constant highway speed.
VI. RPM hangs (HI RPM) after a normal acceleration followed by the driver reducing the throttle input.
Updating the PCM and TCM software will correct the conditions listed above.
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