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This TSB is mostly just information and this is what it says:
When performing repairs that require battery cable removal, the feed fuse for the radio
(30amp, for fuse location please consult DealerConnect, TechConnect, or Fuse Cover)
must be removed prior to disconnecting or reconnecting the battery. Disconnecting and
Reconnecting the battery can cause electrical spikes that may damage the MyGig - REN
or REZ radio. Removal of the fuse will prevent this from occurring.
The TSB only lists the 08-09 models since the MyGig was an option on those model years. I've added MyGig to my 07 Cali, would I be correct in assuming this would apply to me too then? I know the number of MyGig users has increased as of late, so this is something that may apply to a few people around here.
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