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Okay so two things.
first, i have a 2010 dodge caliber great car, love it. once in a great (maybe 4 times a year) while im a little late for work and dont let my car warm up (i know i know) i live about 2 mils from eway when i jump on and get to 60mph and go to set cruse the rpms will jump a little not alot kind of a jerk motion so i take off cruse and slow down assuming the car isnt warm enough and thats its way of "yelling" at me if you will. once it warms up runs fine without a problem.
does this make sense or am i way off? lol

Second, she has almost 100k on her, very well maintained. but i have never had my transmission serviced of any kind. i know their is no way to check the fluid without buying a special dipstick. So should i pay the 250$$$ to get it serviced, when alot of people think "its all sealed up for a reason and should last the life of the car, especially if it runs fine" or should i buy the dipstick and check the color myself.
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