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After many, MANY, days and nights of struggling (about 2 months worth) I'm FINALLY running again, with no engine codes or the check engine light!
Not bad for a first time mechanic job by myself!

Then, not even 24 hours after turning the car on for the first time in a month, I get a flat tire lolol

My old car, a 2008 Nissan altima se 3.5l v6 was stolen, then totalled, but I got it back. And all the tires (except one: going to bring it to tires plus and see if it can be fixed or replaced through the warranty) on it are pretty much new.
Tire lug pattern I think is the same, 5* 114.3, and the tire size itself is 215 /55 R17.
The calibers current tires are the 5 lugs @ 114.3, tire size is p225/60 R17..
Tge altima tires are a little Thinner in depth and shorter, but the rim size and lug pattern are the same. Can I throw those on the caliber?

My next concern is finding an srt4 thermostat housing to replace mine. I was only able to temporarily fix my current one, but it won't last. Does anyone have a spare I can buy, or know where to get one for (preferably) under $50-$75?

This one specifically:
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