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Removing Alternator from 2007 Dodge Caliber SXT (2.0l World Engine)

Disclaimer: I'm not a mechanic. This is on the internet, proceed at your own risk ...

This write-up assumes you've looked at the knowledge base article "2009 Dodge Caliber Alternator Replacement (with AC Compressor Removal)" and don't want to remove the AC Compressor completely. I was able to complete the repair without evacuating my refrigerant, and I'm sharing how with you now.

Once you have your battery disconnected, passenger-side front wheel removed, inner fender removed, and serpentine belt removed continue with the following ...

The first thing you'll want to do is unbolt your AC Compressor from the bracket attached to your oil pan. Then you will want to remove the plug from compressor (slide the red tab out and squeeze the sides). Now remove the AC bracket from the oil pan. The bracket is attached with 3 bolts marked by the purple circles in this image:

Auto part Metal Engine Machine

Now you'll need to unbolt the cylinder the AC piping runs to (condenser I think). To do this I found it was easier to unbolt and move the reservoirs from the top of the engine. The AC condenser bolts are marked with purple here (I am pointing at the AC bracket bolt I put back in the pan to keep safe):

Auto part Machine

Now that the AC Compressor has more room to move around you can remove the pulley to reach the alternator's bottom bolt, the pulley location is marked here (pulley in my hand):

Auto part Engine Machine Metal

The alternator can now be unbolted (I found it easier to reach the top bolt from the top of engine) and unbolt the wire from the back of the alternator. The video below shows how easily it comes out once you move the condenser as well as the compressor:

Installation isn't much harder, but I had one helluva (Maine word!) time getting the top bolt into the alternator. To do this I found a cell-phone with a flash offers a great way to see around dark corners in the engine (either take a picture or record a video with the flash on). If you need any clarifications or help I'll do what I can, but this repair was done last spring and I just found the memory card with the video.

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