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Had a full car driving to a party this other night. I was in the passanger seat and had a awesome time.

We rolled up to a red light and stopped beside a V70 T5 full of partypeople to. We started to "greet one another" between the cars and then the engines started to growl. We were up against about 240hk and had no chance under ordinary circumstances.

The roads where icy as hell but then i had an advantage with my hakkapeliittas. When it turned green we got a good start and the V70 were just spinnin. The straight was about 300 meters and our driver was syked. We owned them with about 2 car lengths in the start but after about 200 m they come flying from behind. We came to a roundabout in the end at the same time and had to separate. It would have been a photo on the finish line on the racetrack!

The trip continiued but that was effing fun :)
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