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'08 R/T AWD

Has anyone else removed these (front and back)?

I owned an '88 Plymouth Sundance that I found it much easier to mountain/stream rock climb when not having the car try to lift its entire weight, versus just lifting one wheel over a rock.

With that experience, I also removed both sway bars on the Caliber.

It also climbs things a lot better (rocks/curbs), and is super fun when getting on 270掳 looping highway on-ramps; the car does the gangsta lean and people behind me slow way back. 馃榿

On normal road driving, it does bobble around a lot with potholes and bumps, as the moving suspension changes the alignment for each wheel. But it still grabs the pavement - I don't need to control or even hold onto the steering wheel because the car does its own thing and keeps straight.

Just thought I'd work some small talk, here...

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Given the reputation of our suspension wearing itself out I wonder if asking it to sway more will destroy it quicker
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