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Suspension Groan, Creak, squeak.

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Nope, not a new name for a breakfast cereal :gr_grin:.

It's the sound coming from the left-hand front side when i take a right turn.

When i go left there's no sound from the front end.

Left LCA was renewed last year.

There was a groan (like rubber thats too tight) so i sprayed all the bushings (left and right) with PTFE and that got rid of most of the noises but now i'm left with this right hand turn, Left hand side groan, creaking sound.

I can take speed bumps at any speed and there's no sound (at most a swish) so straight up and down travel of the suspension parts is not an issue.

So it only seems to happening when there's lateral load. It really sounds awfull.

Everything seems tight and in place.

I'm really hoping one of you gurus can help me out here before I have to go to a dealer.

If you need more info if something isn't clear, just ask.

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