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Startech CRD Tuning Box questions PK-SD3-03 - KSPX0110003

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I’ve had this installed for several years in my UK CRD 2L but i don’t have a manual on how it works..does anyone know how I can temporarily disable the unit to see if it’s helps my car pass the emissions test in the UK ..i don’t want to physically remove it, just disable it during the MOT

Thanks Lucky
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There are two cables from the box to engine sensors.
If you did not install it yourself you might struggle to locate the original cables.
They do not have much slack so they will be nearby with the same connector ends.

It will not affect your emissions. Do you have any OBDII codes?
Take it into an independent who knows VW engines for advice. They will quickly be able to swap the leads to give you confirmation.

Did you have the Startech installed by a Chrysler dealer?
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yes i installed it myself but it was a few years ago, I can see all the cables but wanted to try and avoid removing any of its not necessary especially if it’s just to bypass it to fault test…no ODB codes at all and engine feels perfect and still pulls well…ever since fitting it my engine did produce a lot more smoke under
acceleration which is why i wanted to test removing it first.

I’m going to change the filter and oil too as it’s been a few years.

Air filter looks clean..

Is there anything else I can do to improve emissions ?
can anyone help answer ?

'Been a few years' is not the recommended service interval!

I would spray a can of EGR cleaner through your air intake, and run a bottle of Redex with a full tank.

After that I think your into a mechanics shop.
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'Been a few years' is not the recommended service interval!

I would spray a can of EGR cleaner through your air intake, and run a bottle of Redex with a full tank.

After that I think your into a mechanics shop.
Thanks for the reply

The oil I did around 5000 miles ago but someone said the paper filters start to deteriorate after just one it can’t hurt doing an oil and filter change.

I ordered some Archoil 6400 so i’ll give that a go in the fuel tank.

Do I spray the EGR cleaner into the air filter intake ?

Also someone said I could remove the EGR valve and give that a clean, it doesn’t look too hard to remove but is that a good idea ?

thanks again for advise 👍
I had an EGR code - replaced first time at the dealer then again at a local shop because they said it wasn't closing 'definitely faulty'. Finally found a russian garage that knew what they were doing and they located a vacuum leak at the hose connection. Fixed with a zip tie to tighten the connection. Happy to pay their £40 for 10 mins and actual knowledge. Particularly as they said to take a 15 minute test drive and if that was not the problem they would not charge.

You know when you are in good hands.

Changing the EGR yourself looks easier than it is as it is in the front. Access to the bolts is awkward and frustrating. I gave up, think they took off the throttle body first for better access.

The EGR cleaning is not hard but it is only some soot. It looks worse than it is. Unless it is blocked I would not bother.
Throttle body cleaning is more important, but with the gearing it is easier if using a mechanic to just replace. I bought the original Pierburg for £205, I have seen other versions online if planning ahead closer to £100.

Spin on filters also have paper inside so that is baloney. I change my synthetic oil at the advised 9k miles and that maybe more than 2 years especially during COVID.

How far off are you on emissions? Is this for MoT or smoking. You could try the cleaner premium diesel low sulphur.

My EGR was £18 from Amazon. I spent more on 'cleaners'. I used Holts and Wynns - there are good instructions on the cans. They create a lot of smoke for show - internal effect unknown.

Forums are good at researching past experiences rather than interactive. If you are looking for characteristics of emissions performance on VW PD tdi motors then the best English forum is likely the earlier Golf. It is a top 10 best selling car.
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