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I've upgraded the springs on my Caliber race car from the stock Caliber springs to SRT4 springs (and struts). Dodge does not make the SRT4 springs anymore, so I had to find a used set. It was hard to find, and the first set I bought turned out to not be SRT4 springs.

The springs and struts are a great upgrade, they lower the car a bit over an inch, and firm up the suspension. It is still soft enough for daily street driving, but less bouncy and more precise.

If you are looking to get SRT4 springs, here are the part numbers:

Front: 5105002AC
Rear: 5105882AB

And here are the SRT4 springs side by side with the standard Caliber springs

Front springs, SRT4 on the right:

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Rear Springs, SRT4 on the right:

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