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SRT4 Spark Plugs

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Hey all,

I'm having an idle issue (Nothing too serious)so I was looking for a set of spark plugs for a stock SRT4 w/ bolt ons. I seen most pers with MS1 are running NGK Iridium. Is it alright to run the step colder plugs in the SRT4 in stock form?
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Most people would say stay with the stock plugs, they usually work the best. NGK Iridiums are nice plugs, I have then in my Caliber and they work great. Give then a shot, see how they feel.:D
I think the general consensus is that the colder are only for MS1. I have the std temp in mind and am happy with them.
Run regular plugs on stock ECU.

If you have MS1, you can leave as-is, but you should get better performance with colder ones.

If you up the turbo or tinker with boost, WGA etc, then it's a must to run colder.
Awesome!! Thanks for the info!
So oem plugs are ngk iridium and not the laser platinum? AutoZone says double platinum or better with a 0.05 gap?? Also I believe mine has had something done with the turbo or a tune from a diablo tuner bc it hits 20psi.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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