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Lol. Do that for as long as you drive the car. 😁

From what I understand, when you press the brake pedal, it sends electricity to a solenoid that unlocks the shifter. If the switch for that (not sure if brake light switch, or separate) does not send electricity, or if the solenoid is stuck/broken, then the shifter can only be momentarily unlocked from P by the manual release mechanism as stated above.

The "fix" would be to find out why that solenoid is not operating.

*And after reading the actual posts - if you parked on a steep incline, and didn't use the hand brake to keep stress off the transmission, you'll need to move the car a bit to get things unjammed; have someone try to push the car back and forth while you see if the shifter gets unstuck.
21 - 21 of 21 Posts