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Hi All.
This is ruby, my daughters 2006 caliber. She just drove 1700kms to spend Christmas with us, of course dad volunteered to take care of the maintenance. Air conditioning had been on the blink for a few month, a leak test of the system found a hole in the condensor, likely from a stone finding its way thru the front bumper bar at highway speed. $550 later with a new condensor & regas it was cooling perfect.
The car alarm had been triggering randomly for a while, she had been locking the car manually by the drivers door to avoid arming it. I did a little forum research & the bonnet trigger switch was mentioned, I removed it & the alarm hasn't triggered in a week, will see if it's solved when she returns home. The switch is quite stiff so maybe it's the problem.
She mentioned that after a long drive, 4hrs running or so, the engine oil light was flickering when idling at lights etc. (manual gearbox). An inspection revealed the oil pressure switch was likely faulty as it was weeping oil from the wiring plug. Tridon do a replacement sender TPS120, $150-200 & unobtainable at short notice over Christmas. A further search revealed that they also did a generic sender TPS008 with virtually identical specs & thread, but a generic spade terminal connection instead of the fancy dodge plug, $14. They are a PITA to replace, front of car needs to be up on jack stands. Disconnect the drive belt, unbolt the aircon compressor & drop it down, remove the charge wire from the alternator (disconnect the battery of course). The sender is tucked up high on the motor, under the inlet manifold, so all work needs to be done from under the car, 27mm long reach socket with whatever ratchet you can get up there, small hands would be an advantage. removed the old sender, cut off the fancy plug on the car loom & crimped a spade terminal on, not easy feats with the limited room. The replacement sender is 24mm. Anyhow it's back together & running properly.
I hope this is helpful. 'Happy New Year', from Australia!
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