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Okay, I'm stuck.

Automotive tail & brake light Vehicle Hood Car Automotive lighting

Car Vehicle Hood Automotive tire Automotive lighting

I'm not sure what would be the best way to make these rails (off a Subaru Outback) to match the curvature of the Caliber's roof.

Expanding foam and fibreglass?

Carved wood?

Epoxied plastic?


Apparently this material can't be heated and reformed - it seems to be made of fibreglass.

Automotive parking light Car Vehicle Hood Motor vehicle

Any suggestions?

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Nope, not gonna work...

Vehicle Hood Motor vehicle Car Automotive carrying rack

I forgot about all the supporting plastic underneath that I'd have to cut out.

Motor vehicle Hood Automotive lighting Vehicle Mode of transport

If I removed all that, there would be no support. 馃槅

So, now I'm rethinking Bondo, just enough as a base. I think it would be too expensive to fill the whole bottom with it.

Unless I used some type of two-part epoxy to fill it. Then Bondo a base for it to sit on.

I still have to figure out a way to attach it to the roof. 馃樁
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