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Road trip

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my road trip from phoenix, az to williston, nd is almost finished. currently i'm in spearfish, sd for the night and will be heading out in the morning.
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How's the car running?
Where are the pictures? (you know, this thread is worthless without pics ;) )
Sounds like a nice trip. Let's see some pics!!!! :)
sorry for a late update but i made it to williston, nd on the 23rd of feb with no problems. now all i need is a engine block heater but i don't know where to buy one at. how do i post pics from my iphone
Two places - Chrysler dealer, or NAPA store.

I've been to the Dakotas - I know these two places are probably miles away from where you might be - lots of wide-open spaces up that way.
as of now my car has been starting up ok for the most part but im still going to get a engine block heater
At this time of year, you'll have some time - winter is waning.
You might get by if you can park in a garage, under a carport, or at least out of the wind.
i can try to park somewhere were there wont be that much but the other two i highly doubt it
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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