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unfortunateyl its german... duno if they have it in englisch but i think its understandable!

legal advice

These Datasheets are just as guideline for fully trained rescue forces within technical assistance on Chrysler, Jeep and DODGE cars after traffic accidents. The Data sheets refer to the technologie of cars that are designed for the european market. The technologie of cars from other markets an here not listed cars can vary to the here listed models. The Data sheets for such cars can't be used for safety reasons. The Datasheets don't contain graphics of right-hand-drive cars.

Technical changes, equipment and shape of cars towards the data and graphics in this data sheets as well as changes of these data sheets remain reserved.

Users use the detailed informations and functionality of theyr cars from the users guide of the car. Dealers get theyr informations from theyr known sources of supply.

Copyright 2010 Chrysler Deutschland GmbH
Berlin, Germany
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