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To prevent spam posts on the forum we require that you enter your REAL email address upon registering for this forum. We send out a confirmation email that you must click a special link in to verify that the person who actually registered is YOU.

Your account will NOT become active until you do this. You will still be considered unregistered even though your name appears on the forum as being "online".

Please make certain that you have added to your spam filter so that you will actually receive our verification email.

I know it's an extra step, but it goes a long way in preventing unwanted spam on the forums!

ALSO, if you HAVE signed up and have not received your confirmation email there should be a note at the top of every forum page explaining what to do, and where to go to have a new confirmation email sent to you. If you entered a false email address in the first place (hey! It happens!), and have changed your mind and would like to "really" join the forum. Please use THIS FORM to contact us. Please include your corrected email address in the note so that we can enter it, and send your confirmation email for you to click!

Unverified accounts are purged from our database every month.

Thanks for your understanding :)
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