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'08 R/T, AWD

Mine are adjustable and came with the lift kit from Rocky Road Outfitters. 👎

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Since the very first day after installing them, they squeak. I have used every oil, lube, and grease in the shop trying to get these to stop squeaking.

I have even disassembled the bushings and greased everything inside, put it all back together again, and rrr-eee-rrr-eee.

Today I found silicone grease. I cleaned the exterior of the bushing and applied this "faucet" grease to the bushing and the mount where the two touch.

I think this may have worked.

The test drive this afternoon seemed to be more quiet - but the noise is usually much louder in the cold mornings, so another check will be done mañana.

This bushing seems to be made from a hard plastic - not rubber. Is this normal for this part? Could there be something better I could stuff in its place, instead of a squeaking, problematic plastic?
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