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Rattle proofing the Caliber

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As some of you know, I just recently installed some audio equipment into my 08 Caliber SE. I've gotten rid of most of the rattles-and also this really weird whistling noise coming from the door panels at certain frequencies- but I have a couple left that I really want to get rid of. The rear spoiler rattles mercilessly, and while I don't hear it inside the car, I don't like other people outside hearing it. It's a personal pride sort of thing. I can't seem to find where the mounting location for the spoiler is though, would somebody point me in the right direction? I think a little Dynamat around the mounting holes will fix the issue permanently. Also, if you have any other pieces of advice for getting rid of the rattles, that would be great.

Thanks in advance.
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I am a fan of double sided foam tape. If you can find a place to hide it, it works great as a buffer.
Thanks, I will keep that in mind. I've removed the audible noises from the interior, I need to work on the outside. I think some dynamat on the license plate and in the spoiler will take care of it.
I still have a stock stereo, but I have noticed a lot of vibrations from the license plate. It got worse when I put a frame on it. I added some foam tape to and that helped, but I didn't stick both sides so it didn't completely go away. I put the frame on because I noticed the license plate, being metal, was damaging the paint behind it when it rattled. I may take it all off and put felt or something similar on the back. Just need something that will stand up to rain and snow.
If you're working on a budget grab some silicone sealant from an auto parts store, and put it around the mounting holes. Make sure it's dry before you re-mount the license plate and you should be fine. A thin bead on the bottom should keep it from hitting your paint.
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