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Hi everyone, you've got a newbie here =)

Let me tell you a little story: I've purchased a 2003 honda accord 185000 miles on it and transmission broke 20 days later. Had to replace it and out a lot of money into it. But a few days ago got into a car crash (5 cars crash, 4 were stopped, fifth kind of merged all of us), car was considered a total loss, so now I'm looking for a replacement.

I've come around dodge caliber 2010 sxt, which has around 90000 miles on it, has a gold check warranty and is priced at 7500$. Car was previously owned by two owners: rental first, leasing second. I have a few questions:

1. Is it a good price for such car or should I break it lower?
2. What kind of troubles should I expect from dodge caliber sxt 2010 at such milage?
3. Since, if I decide to purchase it, I'll be making my mechanic tke a look at it, so what things should I pay the most attention to?
4. Any general advises for dodge caliber purchases?

Thank you guys in advance!
Sincerely, Sergey.
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