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I want to say that the 2010 SXTs offered by rental agencies were decontented versions of the car...cheapened in various ways to keep the costs down for fleet buyers. Things like less sound insulation, fewer airbags, rear drum brakes instead of discs, etc. I know Chrysler had a separate brochure for the "fleet" version of the car.

$7500 for the fleet version with 90K miles on it sounds high to me. Have you tried valuating the car at Edmunds or KBB to see what it should sell for?

Problems you may experience at that mileage are the rather common suspension problems and noise from the alternator, indicating that the decoupling pulley on it is shot. Other than those, nothing that's really common.

As for general advice, I personally would only consider a Caliber made after Fiat took over the company, meaning late 2010 models (Express/Heat/Mainstreet/Rush/etc.) through the end of production in 2012. They made some changes to the car and spent a ton of money getting the factories modernized and "up-to-snuff", and I think that translated into better quality.
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