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While going through the Calibers in the junkyard, I see a lot of these relays with heat-stress on the terminal(s).

Seems like a lot more amperage is going through them (heating them up) than the relays are designed for, causing failure.

Also, because the underside of the relay box isn't really waterproof, I also see a lot of copper corrosion on their wires and terminals.

That's why I targeted the relays first - I just see a lot of failure points there. Sorry for calling it a starter relay.

Good job on the repair, 666420! 💪👍
Yea, and it's hell to get to, was hoping that it was the starter all this time, but it was a $35 dollar part that was the problem, but also change the starter to be on the safe side anyway cause the other starter was kinda old and rust was starting to take it over, but now I'm glad that it was the relay, now the car is up and running, thanks for the help on the relay deal 672aq👍👏✌
It's probably the corrosion in the socket and on the pins due to the lack of waterproofing. The corrosion creates resistance to current flow, which in turn generates heat that just accelerates the failure of the relay(s).
The female part of the relay that went bad was full of corrosion, from the relay to the 2 red wires that are hooked to under side of the relay box
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