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Motor mounts

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If my right motor mount was damaged what are the odds that the left one will be damaged also. Or would it be one of the front or back mount? These are pics of right motor mount
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Never know but you can take a look since you are right there. I would think they are bad. I know mine are starting to crack again. I bought a set from ebay and changed all 3. I may do it soon too.
Best to replace them all I should think. If the left mount is damaged and you only replace the right one, that could possibly cause the right one to fail prematurely.
If my right motor mount was damaged what are the odds that the left one will be damaged also....
There is a 100% chance that one or more of your other motor mounts are bad.

I replaced the front and rear and passenger side, but I have not done the drivers side...that one is the hardest to get at. After replacing 3 of the 4, the car runs fine so I am not worrying about the drivers side mount.

Here is a thread on my front and rear mounts: Lurching issue.....bad motor mounts
I would also look I to the transmission mounts. I had a bad shake and replaced every mount. Much much better now.
Had my caliber on a lift recently and had seen the mount towards the bottom firewall completely thrashed just like the one in the picture.

What would be a better replacement brand? Seems like the OEM type don't last on these.
Get the OEMs if you can....aftermarket mounts will be a lot worse
Give that the mounts are fairly easy to replace, I would go with a cheap set from Amazon for a street driven car:

My car is a dedicated race car, so I went with solid mounts. These will last forever, but create more vibration and noise than you want in a street car.

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