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Mopars at the Park 2010

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This is Tulsa's big Mopar event for the year...............went lastyear and had fun all the GPMM members took home Here is the info for this year

Mopars at the Park

2010 Information:



November 6, 2010


$15.00 Admission (12 & Under FREE)


Friday Night: TNT/Mopars vs the World

Gamblers Race for all interested!!!!

Saturday: Racing starts @ 10:00 am. Eliminations start @ 12:00 pm. All TRP Rules will apply, except ET Break. There is no et Break. All vehicles must pass NHRA/TRP Inspection.

BFL Electronics (must have 20 cars for payout)

Entry $60.00 Buy back $25.00

Payouts: Winner $600.00 & Plaque;

Runner-up $300 & Plaque; Semi’s $150.00 each.

Melton Sales No-Electronics

Entry $40.00 Buy Back $15.00

Payout: Winner $500.00 & Plaque; Runner-up $250.00 & Plaque;

Semi’s $150.00 each.

Gordon Shelton Realtor Sportsman

Entry $30.00 Buy Back $10.00

Payout: Winner $300.00 & Plaque; Runner-up $150.00 & Plaque;

Semi’s $75.00 each.

Wayne Fontaine’s Ladies Bracket Ladies Only!!!!

Entry $30.00 Buy Back $10.00

Payouts: Winner $200.00 & Plaque; Runner-up $100.00 & Plaque; Semi’s $50.00 each.

TNT Only $25.00


During eliminations:The first perfect reaction time .000 will pay $50.00!

The first perfect DEAD on DIAL with a zero will pay $50.00!

The first combination of Dead on Dial and Reaction of .000 will pay


Consolation Trophy Race beginning after 3rd round!!!

Mopar Car Show: $25.00

Check in 8:00—12:00


(ends @ 2:30 pm)

Awards to top 3 & Spectators Choice per class

Awards given out approximately 4:00 pm.


Dailey Driver ( 1990 & Older—1991 & Newer)

Golden Oldies pre 1960

A-Bodies (Original & Modified)

B-Bodies (Original & Modified)


E-Bodies (Original & Modified)


PT Cruisers /Viper/Prowler

LX-Bodies (Original & Modified)


Mopar Front Wheel Drive

(Call for more info 918-645-9078.)

Special Awards:

Track Owner Favorite Sponsors Choices

Best of Show Best Paint

Longest Distance Best Interior

Young Gun Award (Youngest owner with a valid drivers


Swap Meet: $25.00

A booth space to display Mopar parts to trade or sell.

Other Activities:



(Coloring Contest, Hot Wheel Hunt etc.)

Hot Wheels Mopar Shoot-Out!!! Benefiting Broken Arrow Neighbors.

Please read Changes for 2009!

Mopars at the Park has been growing each year. We would love to see it grow to a national status. As the event grows changes will be made to accommodate its growth. The following are the changes for Mopars at the Park on November 6, 2010:

BFL Electronics- Need a 20 car field for this purse to continue at this payout – winner $600.00; runner-up $300.00; Semi’s $150.00 each. We were told a guaranteed purse was needed in order to draw electronic cars. This class needs to grow in order for this payout to continue, as the class grows so will the payouts on a year to year basis.

Melton Sales No-Electronics-Entry fees are going up slightly in order to increase the following payout: winner$500.00; runner-up $250.00, semi’s $150.00 each. Entry fees will be going from $30.00 to $40.00 with a $15.00 buyback. As this continues to grow from year to year so will the purse.

Gordon Shelton Realty Sportsman-this class is still new and needs to grow more. Payout is winner $300.00, runner-up $150.00, semi’s $75.00. The payout will be reevaluated after the 2009 event.

Wayne Fontaine’s Ladies Bracket-Changes have been made to realign this class with the others. New payout is winner $200.00, runner-up $100.00 and semi’s $50.00 each. Hopefully, this will encourage this class to grow and can be reevaluated after the 2009 event.

Car Show-we reevaluated our classes and have made the following change. We have split the Daily Driver class to reflect 1990 & Older & 1991 & Newer. We hope this will make this class more competitive.

You will buy spectator admission at the front gate for $15.00 and then buy all Tech cards (racing, car show & swap meet) and Buy Backs at the Mopar Tent. This will make it easier to give door prizes and have everyone register for the car show. This system will be more manageable for our staff. Tech Card prices will be reduced by $15.00 to reflect your payment at the front gate. Gold & Silver card holders will pick up reimbursement when you get your tech cards.

We hope these changes will encourage more people to come and enjoy the day as we celebrate Mopar Power and Mopars of all shapes and sizes.

Also, please remember, this year we are doing a canned food drive for Broken Arrow Neighbors at the front gate and having the Hot Wheel Mopar Shootout to help with BAN expenses for the holidays. Please try to participate.

Location -

I hope to see you on November 6th!!
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bump............coming up soon
bump................. suppose to be around the low 70's and clear.............
bump for tomorrow.............meeting at 9621 E. PINE TULSA OK 74115 at 9 am
Have fun :Hey: and post some pics when done!
o i will................
Hey oreo if you want people to go, your better off getting to know people here on the Z, its kinda weird just posting Meets, and no one know who you even are, i dont even know if i even seen your cali.

I know your on mopar nation

but words of advice, get to know us, and be a friend!
I know..........Im a mod over on the GPMM(Great Plainz Modern Mopar) site and im also on all the Z well as many others............kinda hard to spread the time around............and i have posted stuff i have done to my car on here and have asked about stuff..............not just posting events..............
well ima be in denver as my next station so i may be able to make a meet
well in that may want to join also a Z forum and we have chapters in Oklahoma, Kansas, Arkansas, and there are lots of events............
here is a link to the pics...................
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Great pics Jake :smileup: Thanks for the link. Looks like you had a good time.
Some sweet rides there ... yours was the only Caliber/CSRT ? Sorry as a guest I can't see summer72 pics
yeah unfortunately mine was the only caliber there..............wish i could get some more locals together but seems to be a hard group to get going around here...........
Look on the bright side ... you can say yours was the most beautiful Caliber there! :D
this is very true.............
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