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Loose nut? Easy fix?

Not so fast! After finding all three mounting nuts loose for this mirror, and tightening them back up, I found the plastic trim on this was actually warped.

I had to remove the mirror completely, and use a heatgun (at ≈800°F/425°C) to soften the plastic and try to get it to reform in a better position. Then remount it.

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Instead of a ten-minute fix, took about an hour of messing with the heat, wind, and getting the plastic to set in a position I liked. Then remounting it. Then unmounting it. Reforming. Mounting it. Unmounting it. Reforming...

Stupid thing. At least it is made from plastic and not fiberglass.

It's in better shape than it was, but I think I'll keep an eye out for another one from the junkyard.
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