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Looking for information about the Caliber or help with a problem

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If you are new here it can be daunting to work through the body of experience that has built up by owners over the past 16 years.
Members are not 'online' to assist you but a friendly inquiry may be picked up by someone else browsing through. They will be supportive but not necessarily experienced in your query.
Introduce yourself with a new thread to learn the process, give details about your vehicle so your responses are more relevant, fill out the fields in your profile.
The forum is organised into broad categories of interest including How to's, repairs, manuals, modifications, general interests.
More useful threads are highlighted by being stuck to the top of each section.
Remember the older the post the more likely a member has already moved on to other vehicles.
Do not expect a personal reply unless it is a current 'conversation'.
If messaging a member do check their recent activity to see how likely you are to see a response.
Become familiar with the forum rules section Community Rules

The search bar built into the site requires at least 4 character terms and does not associate.
So NO TLAs, three letter acronyms which is half of the Caliber Service manual.
Caliber Service Manual will give you every post (you can select thread or title) about a Caliber or a Service or a stick shift or crank window etc
To get a better search just use Google by including the site: option so Caliber Service manual ABS


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1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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