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Looking at a manual transmission swap.

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First and foremost. Please do not come here and tell me "your better off buying a car that already has a stick", or "just get a newer cvt" or anything like that. I understand that side of the argument, I do, I have my reasons for wanting to go the manual swap route lol.

I have a 2007 SE 2.0 with a CVT that's on its last legs. I want to know what I need to do to swap to a manual. Which transmissions would work with the 2.0? What components do I need other than the tranny? What is the order of operations for said swap?

Thank youuuu!
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The honest answer really is to buy a car with a manual, but if you really want to try this you'll probably want a Chrysler T355 5-speed's what the Caliber/Compass/Patriot use. You'll also need the shifter and linkage for it, the pedal assembly, and the manual version of the master cylinder (as the clutch uses the brake master). You'll probably have to reprogram/replace the PCM and maybe some other modules as not having a transmission control module will likely not be appreciated by your existing PCM. Not sure if the TIPM needs to be replaced as well. I hear the 5-speeds can be hard to source...FCA didn't make a whole lot of 'em.

If you decide you REALLY want to do this and need a donor car I may be able to help you '10 Caliber 5-speed (daily driver for the last 11 years) runs like a champ but I live in the northeast and the appreciable body rust has me in the mindset that the time has come to finally replace her 馃槶. As such I'll probably be selling it in the not-too-distant future when I score a new ride and there's no way you'd be able to buy all of the needed parts for less than what a donor car costs.
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I would also suggest HPTuners and copy a tune of a 2.0 manual pcm and flash it to your pcm. if there is a 2.0 manual. (as a copy paste method.)
As Chris said, get a donor car, it will be the cheapest and fastest way to get all the parts you need. Sell off the rest of the car and your CVT out of your current car and you will probably come out ahead on money.

For example: 2012 DODGE CALIBER SE for Auction - IAA $1,375 buy it now!
Thank yall, I appreciate it! I know its dumb to do this rather than get one with the manual, but my girlfriend really loves this one in particular and we have done a lot of work on it together. Also, chris, let me know when your gonna be selling yours! I'm gonna look for a donor in the meantime, but if I dont find anything then I would appreciate it!
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