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Links to 2007 dodge caliber sxt performance parts

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hello everyone, im new to the forums, as i recently bought a 2007 dodge caliber sxt. and im looking for as many upgrade to my car as possible. for example, performance chips, exhaust, c.a.i., anything to boost hp, with a noticeable difference. thanks to anyone who can help. im glad i joined :)
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welcome and much fun!

lol... why didn't you buy an srt?!
not many srt's around my area, and i kinda wanted to get something that was low end and stock, and build it up. i know an srt would have sick to own though, and im a huge fan of the CVT
oh yeah.... cvt is fantastic!!!!
i found a website about 3 weeks ago, that was only caliber sxt performance parts, cat back exhaust, cold air intake, suspension, but cant find the site anymore...and i dont want to order from multiple sites. and not sure what my hp gaines will be with these parts, i was hoping for a noticeable gain.....any ideas or help?
Knoxville!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Welcome to our Caliber family. I live in Clinton.
awesome man, thanks....we'll def. have to get together and party....send me an email [USE PM SYSTEM]
:wavey: Welcome to the ForumZ! Thanks for joining us.
Have you already seen our Dodge Caliber Accessories - Dodge Caliber Parts - Mods - Supporting Vendor Forums! ?
and im also curious as to where i can find a intake manifold cover, i would like to paint one inferno red to match my car, but cant find one, cuz my car didnt seem to come with one lol...ive seen many that say "Dodge 2.0 CVT" if anyone knows where to get one let me know!!! THANKS
welcome Jefro2010:Hey:
thank you just a newbie trying to find some performance parts for my 2.0 cvt SXT.....and a place where i can find a engine cover that i can paint inferno red to match my car
Welcome to the Calibration! Your best bet performance wise would be: CAI/free flow air filter system. Cat back exhaust (several options available). Header. There is/are no chips that will do anything for the non-turbo Caliber. Places like will have the engine cover, you'll also need the mounting hardware. A fairly cheap (under $50 I think) mod that makes a great difference when you pop the hood.
thanks a bunch MykTurk....greatly appreciated, def. going to have to get the engine cover. and the other parts will be on the way next week :)....any noticeable hp gains when driving with these performance parts installed???[REMOVED LINK]

nopi is always been good to me but shop around for sure and really don't be ashamed to go go eBay find some rediculous deals for people that just need a buck...
thanks Maselink

those rims you have are gorgeous, not sure what kind i want to get for my sxt...def. want some 22's
eh go 20's 22's aren't good unless you go super thin tires and thats no good lol 20's i think i have found to be perfect...

just lookin round nopi and i love the look of this intake... i wonder how it performs cause its super cheap... i mean all it is just like the others is a tube and a cone... lol but i think that thing looks mean as hell hahah i already have the Mopar C.A.I though

yeah that intake looks pretty mean, im thinking of getting the AEM c.a.i. and 20's would work for me, i will just need to lower the car first. so i can fill in the wheel gap
mine fits perfect didn't lower it cause 22's woulda made my wheel rub when i turn cali's have a decent gap up top but inside front and back are kinda snug... kinda weird..
Your first stop should be our Supporting Vendors section for performance parts. Forget the "Chips", there are none on the market that are legitimate. There have been plenty of discussions about "chips" that are nothing short of scamming BS. No company has been able to get a chip to function on the Caliber. Also, you are limited to what you can do with the CVT being your "boat anchor" on performance. Until someone cracks the code that will allow for overriding it's conservative programming, you are limited to intake and exhaust upgrades only. Anything more will be wasted as the CVT's programming limits hp and torque that it receives from the engine. The bad thing is the CVTs in the Caliber are limited to 193 hp input. You maybe a fan of the CVT, but the CVT was never developed as a performance transmission. It was invented for fuel economy.
oh ok, well that works out then...just not sure what wheels would look good to go with my inferno red paint, and look good on the car....dont want anything ricer-ish, but something very flashy, like a thick 5 spoke rim.
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