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This is not even remotely true. The only downside is routing without a/c requires changing alternator rotation. This is not entirely an issue thanks to dodge using a spring loaded decoupler instead of a one-way rotational decoupler pulley. It will work, but the fan blades on the alternator will be rotating the wrong direction so alternator cooling won’t be as efficient. That said, the 82.5” belt listed most places as the no a/c belt is a couple inches too short, you will need to go up a couple sizes.
Indeed and agreed. I'm glad this post still has life because a hoard of 10yr old models are hitting the used market and people will need this.

Let's get to is. First off yes, AC compressors are the first to start whining. However, the engine blocks were built for base model service and municipal vehicles w/out AC so the lower idler was added to accommodate the larger belt size.

IT'S THE ONE IN THE WAY OF THE LOWER GENERATOR BOLT!!!! (Everyone knows how I discovered that!) This base model build is unanimous with the other features to UConnect etc. so be ready to replace entire wiring harness or get mad techie splicing stuff in.

The non AC belt has a break in period like anything else so just make sure you're tensioner spring is in good shape so there's no slipping and with this config the generator still spins the proper direction. You might get a battery light if it slips. Gently adjust the tensioner. it's threaded backwards so don't loosen it!

I'm driving it now and just did this yesterday during my folly of thinking the generator was bad. My handle everywhere is McBiznass. Hit me up. I'm a Dodge/Caliber enthusiast. Converting thIs 2010 SXT to R/T SRT. Been fun and interesting. Hats off to Dodge for this lego style build!

Happy trails!
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