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Inconsistent Information On CVT Fluid Level

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I pulled the pan off of my 09 CVT and did a full drain and filter replacement. I also replaced the cartridge in the cooler as well. All of that was the easy part! The hardest part has been finding accurate information on how much fluid to add back in!

I've seen some say the replacement amount is between 4 - 5L and then many others saying that's wrong and that it's closer to 9L!

According to the chart I found online (graph 'B'), @120 degrees F, the level should be around 36mm. Given how finicky I hear CVTs are, I opted to start at 6L to avoid risking under-filling and ruining the transmission since so many seemed against the 4 - 5L claims, but measuring the bottom of the pan with an IR thermometer (OBD gave no temperature reading for the transmission - only engine coolant), @120 degrees F I'm reading 55mm which means I've overfilled by about 20mm! I nearly filled an 11q drain pan when draining, so I'm very confused.

Are the ones saying 4 - 5L actually correct and I need to drain, is the chart I'm looking at wrong or is it something else?

Thanks in advance for any help you can offer as I'm sure this will help someone else too. I cannot believe the inconsistency in something that should be pretty straight forward!

Edit: Here is the chart I'm using: .
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On the service manual, drain and refill is 7.0L and complete drain including the torque converter is 8.1L.
I remember on one of the DIY videos on YouTube, one guy used overfill plug on the side of the transmission to determine the amount needed fill it back up. Can't say if that is the correct method personally.
Somewhere I got the idea that the oil dipstick is good enough to measure the CVT fluid level on a cold engine.

I check it first thing in the morning before starting the car... no issues for me doing that.

The correct way one is supposed to do it, is too technical for my tiny brain cells.
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