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I'm thinking of a positive caster for the front wheels, seeing about pushing them as far forward as the assembly will go.
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To me, it looks like it would straighten out the alignment on the CV joints. The entire suspension on this car is so weird - like all the connecting points don't really line up when the car is just sitting, it's all under pressure, and everything needs to be "manipulated" to get it on and off.

Anyway, I think a positive caster would make this more stable. I'm thinking of a different bumper fascia setup, so if my broken original is in the way, I'll just trim it a bit.


The idea (example, not the Caliber):
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√ No mud flaps (yet).
√ 2⅛" suspension lift.
√ Fender liners removed (for now).
√ Additional bumper trim (if needed).
√ 0-offset with 38mm spacer/adapters.

» Just need caster adjustment.

• I wonder if the rear assembly can be moved back more. I don't want to trim the rear doors (wheels already rub at full extension).
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I was under the car looking at the front cross-member today.

If anything, it looks like I could move it forward, but only by 1/4 inch (7mm).

Looking at more stability, would 7mm even do much/anything? It does seem that even slight changes to the other alignment parts can have a huge effect on handling.

I will move this, but am wondering what I could expect after.
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