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I noticed a lot of attemps to create a meet around here but very few have any success.Members come in,post they want a meet,see no response within the next twenty minutes and give up...
I am a NOOB in this fine Forum,:cool:,but not to the forum world.
I belong to a few other forums (Different cars).I have created and hosted a couple of meets that actually turned out pretty decent.

I haved noticed that to create a good meet you really have to work on it.We are always so damn busy with life that when you have a moment to take a break,the last thing you will end up doing is go meet a bunch of strangers, especially if you have a family at home that you barely see because your working all week.
If your looking for a meet with a decent turnout you have to make it appealing to all generations and genders.This is what has worked for me so far...

1) Advertise your intention to create a meet with plenty of time to "iron out all the wrinkles" that will arise.A perfect time for planning is usually January,after the holidays,suggest a Spring time Meet.(April,May)The pressure is off everyone and open to ideas.

2) Create a tentative meet date and location and what you wanna do that day.Make this an open discussion among all members interested in the meet.Let them tell you what they think about your idea and date.(I have noticed,if you create a meet months ahead of time you wont have much objections towards the date.Stay away from holidays thou.People rather be with family than strangers on holidays.)This could take a month by itself to work out.Dont give up.Keep the interest alive and people will get curious about it.

3) Once the date and location is locked.You MUST KEEP EVERYONE INVOLVED IN THE MEET.(If youre making a BBQ,give everyone involved something to do.Somebody brings hot dogs,somebody else brings the buns,sodas napkins,etc...)The resposability factor makes every member more involved and it makes it a little more important to them.(Now they have people counting on them..Nobody likes to look bad)

4) Once all plans are set,you need to keep the interest up on the meet.Make a list of whos comming,update it every day.The more names are on the list the more interest there will be.Ask the members participating if they are bringing anyone to the meet.Add their names to the list.Give them a job to do.(Its all about involvement)

5) If you want a bigger turnout, keep it open for any type of Caliber and Neon owners.This means going to other Caliber and Neon forums to promote the meet.

You need to keep on top of it if you want a good meet.
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