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Got a Cali a couple months ago, finally had something to say about it.

From my currently hidden post (because I'm new i guess) in performance mods se/sxt section

For all of the people saying that it would never happen... for a few years now the HPtuners suite has been able to edit and flash non srt4 caliber ECUs.

I had mine tuned the other day. Basically what they did was:
  • Enable the high octane power enrichment table
  • Set power enrichment to come on at a lower rpm
  • Lower power enrichment delay
  • Advance spark timing to 20 degrees when running 93
  • Set AFR when in power enrichment to 12:1
  • Adjust enrichment table to demand more torque at lower rpms
  • ***I also have a Gibson cat back because meant for the Jeep on this platform, as well as a CAI, neither of which did too much before the tune
End result:
  • Really immediate throttle response.
  • The CVT is still a limiting factor in 0-60 but I get there in about 8-8.5 seconds, with some outliers below and above
  • Acceleration above 65/70 is massively (I mean MASSIVELY) improved, motors right on up to 95 now, haven't bothered going further...
  • I can't seem to get it to waste much gas stomping the throttle every chance I get, but I'll have to calm down some before I know for sure the effect on normal mpg.
  • My check engine light that was on for months turned off after a day, code was something about the exhaust reading but I can't remember.
Overall I'm very impressed and happy with the results.

PS: Am I worried about breaking the CVT:
No, I think it protects itself more than enough, it clearly limits itself on the early from a stop acceleration so I'm confident it's controlling things enough to stay safe.

If someone tried this in a manual I'm sure the results would be very impressive.

Edit: Also if someone with a manual wanted to dyno a tuned 2.0L we could know for sure what kind of gains we get. Can't really dyno a CVT since you can't have a fixed ratio
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