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I am at a lose on what to check next.
2008 caliber 2.0 base model.
alternator made horrible noise while driving and battery light came on ,
towed home, ordered and replaced alternator from Napa.
replaced by disconnecting negative terminal, removed compressor and
then removed alternator. installed alternator, attached neg cable to battery.
Started car, no noise! no battery light!
Engine will not rev. purs like a kitten at idle and more than a sheet of paper on the gas pedal
it choked and would die.
hooked up a snap on solis ultra, no fault codes no lights, passed all the test for the ETC, ETC learn, Alt status field and Alt output. battery voltage and system voltage are 13.5 and above. but i found a "sense voltage " that never goes above 11.5v. i have good spark, good fuel, everything is wired as it was and not throttle. put the battery on slow charge overnight and started ready this forum every stick y and every alternator related issue.

I have read and not found my problem yet. so i went and started troubleshooting some more, only to find worse news.
Now the car cranks but only hits a little will not idle. have fuel to the rail(pressure unknown) no dtc or active codes in any of the ecm's also the coil packs are firing threw the plugs the ETC is working properly it is wired correct but im in bad shape guys this is my wife s only mode of transport

Any pointers checks instruction here ?
and sense voltage ???
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