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What should I glue on my hood as an ornament so I can tell where middle is easier?

  • You mentioned wanting a horse, OP

  • Blue from Jurassic World

  • Other (in response)

  • A dog

  • This is dumb and you shouldnt do this to your car.

  • You should do this just so we can laugh at you

  • Open Poll!

  • Are you a bad driver? You sound like a bad driver if you need this

  • I've done this/should do this

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Hi, I'm IAlwaysGetTheBlueOne but yall can call me whatever yall want, I was trying to be ironically funny.
I am (and always will be) a fan of dodge vehicles, particularly manual. Especially manual. I also like Ford and have a 98 Ranger. (its blue. It was free. Its blue.)
My last car was an 02 dodge neon SXT( Also Blue), that I plan on pulling the engine and trans and possibly buying a roller/blown engine/blown trans body for. In the meantime, I have stumbled upon the Caliber and purchased an 07 SXT. (Somehow still got blue.)
I will be going to the proper section of the forum to ask all the misc questions that come with noone I personally know having one for me to ask these dumb questions and not being mechanically inclined.
The car I got is superficially meh but runs like a dream, (classic Dodge in general, am I right?)
Anyways, I plan on hand painting some stuff on it and plan to glue some kind of something (probably a small horse or something) to the center front of the hood because this thing is so much bigger than my poor Neon, and I'm not quite used to the width of my hood and the length of it.
Any suggestions for things to glue on the front so I can drive easier will be taken into consideration (And thats my poll!)
Nice to meet y'all!
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