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Okay, hello again, y'all wonderful people.
I have an issue, and want to see what the people who actually know cars have to say here.
My gear shift knob... Is falling off in pieces in my hand today. (Pic included)
So, now, I am looking at gear shift knobs.
And to go with my little Blue the Raptor hood ornament, I have found ... A shifter I like. However, I have no Flippin clue if it would even fit. Are shifter knobs one size fits all, or do I need to look for caliber specific knobs and yeet my plan to have Rexy/Roberta for my shift knob? Anyone know?
406-Shifters-WRTeryx-Warren Remig Teryx Shifters is what I'm eyeballing rn, I just need to know if it would fit.
Thank you in advance
I agree with Chrisf. I bought a Revolver style shift knob from O'reillys 3 years ago, I forgot the brand but it's made out of metal and good quality, My caliber has a standard trans and works great. I had to swap the trans at one point and to be able to remove the knob and re-install was very easy and convenient.
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