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the gap issues were led's insalled in stock lights. k2 has them tested to oem quality so most of the other issues shouldnt happen. im debating weather to get the k2 from ebay or there site. the site would charge $70 more but comes with a 1 year warranty.

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Well the wiring is very simple. The instructions that come with it tell you to hook into the parking lights, and there is three wires there. One has constant power, another has power when you use your turn signals, and the other is ground.

The wires from the halo, three LED, and long skinny light all have a power line (white) and a ground (black). To set it up the way you want you can just unplug the bulb, and use the open end of the socket to shove the wires from the lamp assembly into the slots to see which line does what. Obviously ground needs to go to ground but others can go to a power supply of your choice.

So, I used the assembly wiring of the new headlight shell to tie in the 3 LED's and I used the Signal line to tie in one of the halo's and long skinny light.

I am deliberately omitting colours on the wires and using general terms like light coloured and dark coloured cause I'm partially colour blind and don't want to get blamed for saying the wrong colours lol. Like I said before you can figure out which of the light coloured wires do what, if you plug in the ground to the ground of what you want to test. Then plug in the white wire into each of the openings until you get the effect you want, like if you want the halos on when the parking lights are on, do the above - and obviously - turn on your parking lights and start testing.

Going from memory (and using a bit of logical thinking), :

Skinny Light:
  • Ground to ground on the signal plug (dark wire)
  • White to power when signal is in use (light wire)(if you want this on all the time when the lights are on, tie into the gound of the signal plug and the constant power line of the signal plug).
3 LED Lights
  • Ground to ground on headlight plug (which is the dark wire)
  • Power to power on headlight plug, low beams (light wire)(this turns them off when the power is switched from low beams to high beams, if you want them on all the time tie your ground and power into the signal plugs ground and power).
Halo Light, middle of assembly
  • Ground to ground on signal plug (Dark Wire)
  • White to power on signal plug, constant power line (light wire)
Halo Light, Inner Ring (next to grille)
  • Ground to ground on headlight plug (dark wire)
  • White to power on headlight plug, low beams (light wire)(this turns off the halo on the high beam (inner rings) when the high beams come on)
So you can see, there are options to how you want to set it up. If you want everything on all the time, then tie into the parking light signal lines. I wanted to be a bit different so I went the way I did.

And I'm about an hour north of Toronto, but not in Barrie - home of the Mullet. :p
Hey woukd u do the headlights on my caliber i csn come today. how much$

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Robbe - 15 years ago people were modding headlights with Halo rings, baking them in the oven. We even had a sponsor supplying them (Oracle I think)
These days you can buy various styles ready made at different prices which you can just swap yourself. Originally you had to send off your own units.
Note sealant quality varies so you may suffer leaks or condensation and struggle to cure the issue. Most members start with the tail lights, original headlights look quite good.

example searches
SK-Import Headlights Clear Dodge Caliber



Style:Angel Eye

Black Angel-Eyes Projector Head Lights for Dodge Caliber 06-12 PM RT ST SX SXT

ORACLE Halo HEADLIGHTS for Dodge Caliber 07-12 WHITE LED Angel Demon Eyes
Out of the box - These factory style, OEM Headlights can be installed on your vehicle. No modification required.
ORACLE Pre-Installed Headlights are similar to stock OEM Factory Lights, meeting the durability and quality standards of OEM factory headlights. ORACLE Halo Rings are professionally installed in house by our own trained technicians. ORACLE Halos deliver a brilliant light output and include a lifetime warranty.

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