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FS: 07 Caliber R/T AWD

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Now that i bought a home, i find myself needing a pick up more and more. Time to move on
car has been pretty good to me. bought it new in 08. AWD was only available in 07 and 08. car comes with most of the options avail at that time
-2.4L 4 cyl w/ a CVT trans. trans has a triptronic shift as well if thats your thing.
-111,7xx miles as i write this.
-car starter
-9 speaker Boston Acoustics option w/sub and music gate (open the hatch and the speakers flip down). radio is SAT ready.
-cooler in the glove box that works off the A/C
-power sunroof
-i had the center console padded because the hard plastic OEM set up was uncomfortable
-trailer hitch w/dodge wiring harness.

the good
-mechanically the car is sound. always repaired at a dodge dealer and oil changed every 5k. just dropped $8xx on front brake pads, rotors, tire rod ends and an alignment.
-in recent years its had ball joints done, rear rotors and pads, and a brake flush. battery replaced last summer. trans fluid replaced at 75k.
-i have a full winter set up with 16" wheels and new snow tires that were purchased last year. goes awesome in the snow with the tires on it.
-appearance is great as well. no rust, dents, dings or scratches other than a couple chips in the hood, a spot on the hatch and i think a door handle or 2 but thats it.
-i have a couple spare parts like a radio and fog lamps. i was having trouble with the radio shutting off so i picked one up at a junk yard. turned out to be a broken wire.
-car currently has a dodge roof rack. this rack is made by Thule. i plan to keep the cross bars and just leave the feet as they are specific to that car only. the cross bars are just Thules aero bars so if you have a set they should just pop on.

the bad
-needs tires. i was going to just wait until spring because the snows are going on soon
-i managed to curb check 1 wheel in the almost 8 years ive owned it and that was about 2 months ago. its not bad though.
-car was in an accident in 09. everything was repaired. i have had no residual issues with it. any that i did have insurance has remedied
-i smoked up until last year. i dont notice a smell in it from that, but you may.

i have 2 very different prices for retail from KBB (5200) and NADA (7500), so i guess ill split the difference and $6000 OBO with the winter set up. if you dont want the winter set up then obviously it will be less.
car is located in NH
i dont get on here much so email is best. i try to check it a couple times a day.
[email protected]
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