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front grill makeup

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so my Cali er is always slightly above half on temp when running. I would have to put ac on so fans can come on but mf ac don't work and only hot air blows out so I'm trying this most likely is useless but it so far it's looking cool. I'm not sure if I should paint it black or silver even considering gold or bronze. this is just step by step of what I did
Wood Eyewear Tool Tints and shades Bumper

first I wanted to keep this part so I gutted it with a hacksaw blade pretty fast too.
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found this in the shed so don't know what it is steel mesh I'll call it looked good for the job outline it with plastic and cut with grinder my dad left.
Hood Car Vehicle Grille Trunk

looks nice fits good and this is definitely not the original bumper.

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it's night time and my phone is about to die no flash put that plastic center see how it fits looks nice. now I'm curious to the color of the mesh I would use. gold or black or silver any thoughts.


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1) Your two thermostats probably need to be replaced.

2) Your AC system probably needs to be charged back up. You can get the self-fill freon cans at an auto parts place. Really simple procedure, if you're not red/green colour blind.

I like the mesh, though. I like seeing uniquely customized Calibers. 馃憤
when car is on without ac, does my fan need to be running or that stays off until I put ac on because that's my problem with it
Fans are activated by temperature of the coolant.
Dose not look bad man! Yah the fans dont turn on until around like 210 degrees F
Good morning, I have the front grill changed in a homemade way and it looks quite good and rejuvenates the car. I leave a photo of mine in case someone points.

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That looks sick! The mesh behind it gives the grille some cool 3D dimentions. How did you attach the mesh? Just zip ties or something?
Good, there are two grilles, the outermost one made of honeycomb panel in ABS plastic bought in amazon, and one just behind, type of aluminum mesh with a smaller hole so that bugs do not enter or so much cold air since when cutting the original grill you have a much larger hole more ventilated. There are areas with small screws and areas with black MS polymer.
I have a spare piece attached image.

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