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I'm looking to purchase a new exhaust system, but I've found it difficult to find any solid information of performance gains. I've seen two setups thus far:

Full turboback, or just a downpipe.

Is there any performance gains with a full TBE over just the downpipe if the factory exhaust is already 3inch tube? How about a DP with exhaust while retaining the factory mid section pipe?

Additionally, with any DP's; will any cause CEL's assuming all sensors are installed correctly?

I've looked at MPx DP(cat)/Single Exit setup, and ED full TBE (cat, muffler) I assume both have an extra bung for sensors? With any of the prewelded pipe, has anyone experienced cracking or leaks? (the MPx DP looks like it has alot of welds)

Any input is greatly appreciated, thanks.
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