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Hi all,

I have seen some threads here discussing what is going on when the Electronic Throttle control light Illuminates.

This has been happening to me also. Very intermittent fault, loss of all throttle response, etc. Intermittent so no code to be found so went and used my mechanics brain rather than relying on the code finder.

What I did notice was that there was a lot of corrosion throughout the Negative (BLACK) leads from the battery. The short one goes to an earth on the front frame close to the battery. The other lead is earthed to the engine block. This earth point sits directly above a recess in the block which fills with water (wife found that), hence corroding the earth point thus resulting in an erratic voltage hence the ETC response will not respond. Shutting the car down can reset the fault and the car will drive fine until it happens again.

FIX: Replace both earth leads and relocate the Engine Block Earth point to the next bolt up thus preventing build up of water around the earth point. Problem solved.

I hope this helps somebody else out there. If there is something else I have missed please let me know.
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