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Dreaded trannie problem

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New poster to forum,
I have 2007 r/t/awd with 134 K .
The hits keep on coming with this one
It started with the O2 sensor code
so after 2 computers a new cat and both O2 sensors
the light went out....for about 20 miles, its on again
with now an addition code for the i/o sensors on the trannie. I have it a a shop with a mechanic who is really trying to nail the problem down not just replace
stuff. He says the last thing that he knows to do is an additive from BG that may address the possible slipping drive belt but after that ?????
I know this is a big source of trouble with the cailbers
anyone had experience and is there other places to look other than the 4 motion sensors on the trannie.
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You think you have problems now just wait til add anything to the CVT fluid.
They are sealed units and only use the proper fluid.
What you may have is a wiring fault giving you all the codes check the
loom under the battery for shorts and broken wires.
I agree with big. Have your "mechanic" check the wiring harness to the transmission too.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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