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Diagram for my belt.

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I got a Dodge Caliber SXT 2.0L 4-cylinder. I'm replacing my alternator and belt, probably myself and a friend... or a friend. I got no repair manual for it, just bits and pieces. Hands on videos are great, DIY. Suggestions please. Also should I grease anything ? I know to check some of the other pulleys after the belts off. Well good night, Jamie
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Mark the direction that the belt is traveling and put it back on in the same direction. Otherwise the belt will fail in fairly short order. I've not done an alternator in a Caliber but I hear they're a'll need to go through the front passenger wheel well and you'll need to unbolt and move the AC compressor aside to get it out. Also be sure to disconnect the battery, just to be safe.
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I've done the belt on my Caliber a dozen times, it is tricky.

Here is a video that shows replacing the belt with the engine out of the car, and it shows you the location of the alternator:

Here is a video of belt replacement with the engine in the car:

Here is a video of alternator replacement (search on youtube and you will find several more):

Search google for '2007-PM-SM.pdf' to get the factory service manual, it will have detailed steps on how to do the work.
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