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Desert Driving ≈ Fire Hazard

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There are times I need to drive and/or stop in an area with weeds and brush. In a previous life, I drove on top of a tumbleweed and the hot exhaust tried to light it on fire.

For this, I'm thinking about installing something to keep things from touching the exhaust pipes.

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At first I was thinking about expanded steel. Then I saw the metal screens they use on security doors.

Something that could be mounted to the frame rails with a small hump to clear the exhaust and AWD driveline. This would also protect the fuel and brake lines.

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Although installing steel mesh would certainly help protect the pipe while keeping it cool, keep in mind that it needs to be at least a certain amount of distance away from the pipe to not heat up by radiating heat. And since AWD Caliber's lowest point of ground clearance is the resonator, pipe guard would lower the overall ground clearance.

I dunno, redirecting exhaust pipe straight out of engine bay like semi-truck or Viper style side exhaust maybe? Crazy and stupid idea, but it would keep all the hot pipe away from underbody AND raise the ground clearance slightly.
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